I heard in a recent news report that tick numbers are believed to be increasing throughout the country. In The University of Bristol’s Big Tick Project a third of dogs checked at random were found to be carrying a tick. The study also revealed the UK’s tick hot spots, with Northumberland being classed as high to medium risk.


It may be the middle of September, the heather is losing the vibrancy of its purple hue and there is a slow creep of orange through the bracken but it seems we have not lost the heat of the summer months and I suspect ticks are still happily thriving.


Roxy was running through long grass at the edge of woodland yesterday with a new acquaintance, a Springer spaniel called Jack. When they resurfaced, Jack’s owner noticed some black specks on his dog’s white coat which turned out to be several ticks looking for an unsuspecting host. Luckily they were easily brushed off and Jack had recently been given an anti-tick treatment. I will be making sure that Roxy is kept up to date with her Advantix.