I came across this beautifully shot and inspiring footage on Salomon Running TV, Trail Dog. I think every dog owner will identify with the sentiment behind the film whether they run or not.




I started running with Heidi after a friend told me about running with his dogs and how much the dogs enjoyed it. I hadn’t ran for several years but thought I would give it a go. It was hard at first and I had to build up the distance gradually but Heidi, she was a natural!
Over the years we ran further than I would have ever imagined and took on tougher, hillier terrain. Heidi was a joy to run with, she had so much energy and enthusiasm, no matter what, no ifs, buts or excuses she was always ready to get outside and go for a run.

Running with her also had the benefit of an occasional (or every time!) tow up the steep bits, she would often turn giving me a puzzled look on an uphill stretch and I’m sure she was thinking, “Why slow down?”, “What’s the hold up?”.

We had so many adventures, Heidi’s favourite times to run were dusk and dawn when the wildlife was busiest and on the move. During these tranquil times together, through woodland and over trails we would see deer, fox and the occasional badger, we watched a family of young stoats spinning, jumping and playing together just meters ahead of us until we were spotted and they disappeared in a flash. Once we were bombed by a Buzzard when we got too near to its nest, I felt the heavy whoosh of its wings just inches above my head, Heidi was completely unfazed.

We ran in all weathers through the rain and snow, even in the dark with the guidance of a head torch and a dog that knew the way back. We witnessed so many beautiful sunrises and the changing of the seasons, the sort of experiences I would have missed if I’d chosen that extra hour in bed. Sometimes I would catch a glance from her during a run, usually when we had been working hard and were soaking wet or covered in mud, with a look that said, “isn’t this just brilliant!”.

Heidi sadly died in 2015 but these are very happy memories of our times together.




Roxy was 15 months old when she came to live with us and I questioned if she would take to running, I need not have worried. Roxy has a very different style to Heidi, she doesn’t care where we run she just wants to go. She has her own agenda and focus, it could be said she is in “The zone”, but one thing is for certain she loves to run. The only times she cries and whines with excitement are when she realises we have arrived at the beach, which I am sure is familiar to most dog owners, or when we get ready to go for a run.

To be continued………..